In conversation with . Robin Schu

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What made you start riding your bike? 
In the summer four years ago, I had a bit of a slump and spent a lot of time in front of the TV. I watched the Tour de France and understood the race for the first time. It was impressive and I really wanted to try the sport. So I got on an old steel bike and a friend was also keen. A first groupride and great encounters started a flame that never went out. 


Image by @fellusch 

What's your favourite bike race?
I love the Giro. This year, in my eyes, the course planning has limited more aggressive riding, but usually the race is lit each and every day for three weeks. I love mountain stages in stage races and there is rarely as much climbing as there is in the Giro. The pink jersey is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in cycling. 

Image by @fellusch 

What's your best memory on a bike? 
Good memories on the bike are so versatile. I've gone on rides alone where I was extremely connected to myself and nature. Race experiences have had adrenaline shooting through my body. And with friends, I've explored great places. For me it was especially impressive to ride an alpine pass for the first time and I wouldn't have wanted to do this experience without a friend by my side. 

Best cycling advice to a stranger? 
Try everything that cycling has to offer. You've never been to a group ride. Do it! Never done a race? Do this! Ever had the crazy idea to overcome a seemingly impossible distance? Try it out. 

Image by @fellusch 

What's your favourite cycling route? 
As already mentioned, the Alps have knocked me off my feet. To ride a loop in the middle of the Alps means to cover a certain distance and in any case several passes. A great challenge. I also really liked the Tramuntana Costal Road in Mallorca. Always worth a trip. 

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