Elevate Your Wheel Storage. Perfect for Zwifters

Cycling isn't just a sport; it's a lifestyle. For those who appreciate the precision of design and the importance of protecting their cycling gear, we at Tons have designed the Wheel Hanger—an innovative storage solution crafted exclusively for your wheels.

Made for Wheels — Nothing Else:

Designed with soft, programmable foam using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, the Wheel Hanger provides a sleek, minimalistic design that not only protects your wheel but also adds a touch of style to your space. This unique product is tailored for indoor cycling enthusiasts who Zwift and need a dedicated solution for their back wheel while using a home trainer.


Key Features:

  • Easy to Install:* Setting up the Wheel Hanger is a breeze, making it convenient for cyclists to organize their gear effortlessly.

  • 3D Printed Programmable Foam: We have designed the Wheel Hanger with innovative 3D printing technology in programmable foam, ensuring that your wheel is cradled with the utmost care, offering protective rim support.

  • Versatile Design: The Wheel Hanger is specifically designed to accommodate wheels with 100 mm to 148 mm thru-axle hubs, providing versatility for a range of cycling setups.

  • Designed and produced in Denmark with Climate in Mind: At Tons, sustainability is at the core of our philosophy. We have proudly designed and produced the Wheel Hanger locally in Denmark, minimizing its environmental impact.

What Makes it Special?

The Wheel Hanger addresses a common challenge faced by indoor cyclists—finding a suitable and stylish storage solution for their back wheel. No more leaning against walls or cluttering corners; we have designed the Wheel Hanger to transform your wheel into a display piece that is both protective and visually appealing. Its soft, programmable foam not only cradles your wheel but showcases the advanced technology integrated into its design.

One for 50€ — Sets of Two for 80€

For added convenience and value, purchase sets of two Wheel Hangers for 80€ (excluding shipping). 

Information Box:

  • Price: Starting at 50 EUR
  • Special Offer: Sets of two for 80 EUR (excluding shipping)
  • Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping within the EU.
  • Free Returns: We believe in hassle-free shopping. Returns are on us.
  • Global Reach: Trusted by more than 6000 customers worldwide.


We at Tons bring you a storage solution that goes beyond functionality—it's a statement of our commitment to cycling. The Wheel Hanger is not just a storage accessory; it's a testament to style, innovation, and protection for your valuable cycling gear.

Ready to experience a new level of wheel storage? Explore the Wheel Hanger designed by us at Tons here.