In conversation with . Laura Petri

ICW showcases stories about cycling culture, revealed through just five questions. These questions are structured by us at Tons, with answers provided by those who inspire us.

What made you start riding your bike?

I started cycling during the COVID lockdown as a way to enjoy the outdoors. I've always loved exploring new places and being active, so cycling was a natural fit for me. It was a refreshing change from spending most of my time indoors.

What began as short rides on my own soon turned into longer trips with friends, driven by my growing passion for cycling and the excitement of discovering new routes.


What is your favorite bike race?

I haven't participated in many races, but my first official race in 2020 stands out as a memorable experience. It was the French event called 'La Marmotte,' a Granfondo covering approximately 177 kilometers with 5000 meters of elevation gain.

Crossing the finish line was an amazing feeling and a significant sports achievement for me.


What’s your best memory on a bike?

I have plenty of memorable moments, but one that stands out is my trip to Switzerland last summer. I was fortunate to be invited by Switzerland Tourism to join their "100% Women" project, where 18 women from different backgrounds and nationalities came together for a week of cycling through the country.

It was an incredible experience to explore Switzerland's stunning landscapes and bond with fellow cyclists from around the world.


What’s your favorite cycling route?

It really depends on how I'm feeling. When I'm short on time, I enjoy riding the classic 'Amager Rundt' [reg. in Denmark, just outside of Copenhagen]. But when I have more time and want a challenge, there are a few routes that stick out in my mind.
The iconic 'Mount Ventoux' stands out for its unique and varied terrain, offering a truly unforgettable ride. And then there's the 'Mortirolo' climb, which was by far the toughest I've tackled so far. Despite the difficulty, the raw experience of conquering it remains etched in my memory.


Best cycling advice to a stranger?

Make sure you've got the basics covered, both in terms of gear and experience. It's important to feel comfortable on your own bike before joining group rides or taking on new cycling adventures.

Take it slow and don't push yourself too hard. Remember, cycling offers a wealth of opportunities, so be patient and enjoy the journey!

Also, don't feel like you need to spend all your money on gear right away. Start with the essentials and gradually upgrade as you gain more experience and insight into your needs.

Laura Petri